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Anthro Unit 7

Strictly speaking, medical anthropology is an applied field within anthropology.

Fortunately for applied anthropologists eager to do effective international work, all governments are genuinely and realistically committed to improving the lives of their citizens.

Which of the following is true about medical anthropology?
This growing field considers the biocultural context and implications of disease and illness.

Which of the following is a reason that the Madagascar project to increase rice production was successful?
Malagasy leaders were of the peasantry and were therefore prepared to follow the descent-group ethic of pooling resources for the good of the group as a whole.

The tendency to view one’s own culture as superior and to use one’s own standards and values in judging others is called

What term is synonymous with applied anthropologists?
Practicing anthropologists

Sociolinguists and cultural anthropologists studying Puerto Rican communities in the Midwestern United States found that Puerto Rican parents valued education more than non-Hispanics.

What is microenculturation?
the process whereby particular roles are learned within a limited social system (for example, a business)

All of the following are characteristic field techniques of the ethnographer except
longitudinal analysis of data sets gathered from state-sponsored statistical agencies.

Biomedicine, which aims to link an illness to scientifically demonstrated agents that bear no personal malice toward their victims, is an example of naturalistic medicine.

Ethnographers typically combine emic and etic strategies in their fieldwork. This means they are interested in applying
local- and scientist-oriented research approaches.

Ethnography is one of applied anthropology’s most valuable research tools, because it provides a firsthand account of the lives of ordinary people.

Health care systems refer to the nationalized health care services that exist only in core industrial nations.

Academic and applied anthropology have a symbiotic relationship as theory aids practice and application fuels theory.

As an aid to applied anthropology, anthropological theory
promotes a systemic perspective that aids the successful implementation of development projects.

Which of the following is not a feature of urban life?
dispersed settlements

What is the commonly stated goal for most development projects?
Increased equity

Developmental anthropology is the branch of applied anthropology that focuses on social issues in, and the cultural dimensions of, moral development.

In a comparative study of 68 development projects, Kottak determined that
culturally compatible development projects were twice as successful as incompatible ones.

An illness is a scientifically identified health threat caused by a bacterium, virus, fungus, parasite, or other pathogen.

All of the following are proper roles for applied anthropologists except
placing the cultural values of the local people above everybody else’s cultural values.

An ethnographic study of the workplace
provides a close observation of workers and managers in their natural setting.

Why is ethnography one of the most valuable and distinctive tools of the applied anthropologist? It
provides a firsthand account of the day-to-day issues and challenges that the members of a given community face, as well as a sense of how those people think about and react to these issues.

Scientific medicine is not the same thing as Western medicine. Despite advances in technology, genomics, molecular biology, pathology, surgery, diagnostics, and applications, many Western medical procedures have little justification in logic or fact.

Anthropology may aid in the progress of education by helping educators avoid all of the following except
tolerance of ethnic diversity.

Which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of the work that applied anthropologists do? They
enter communities and talk with people.

A commonly stated goal of recent development policy is to promote equity; that is, to reduce poverty and promote a more even distribution of wealth.

Non-Western medicine does not maintain a sharp distinction between biological and psychological illnesses.

What is the postwar baby boom of the late 1940s and 1950s responsible for? It
fueled the general expansion of the U.S. educational system, including academic anthropology.

It is safe to assume that there is less cultural diversity among the poorest, less developed countries in the world.

All of the following illustrates the kinds of work that applied anthropologists do except
borrowing from fields such as history and sociology to broaden the scope of theoretical anthropology.

Non-Western medicine treats illnesses symptomatically, seeking an immediate cure.

Development projects should aim to accomplish all of the following except
developing strategies with little input from the local communities.

Which of the following best illustrates urban applied anthropologists’ ability to help social groups deal with urban institutions?
Vigil’s study of gang violence in the context of large-scale immigrant adaptation to U.S. cities

Although its roots extend further back in time, the real boom for applied anthropology in the United States began in the 1970s.

A bachelor’s degree in anthropology is of little value in the corporate world.

When nations become more tied to the world economy, indigenous forms of social organization inevitably break down into nuclear family organization, impersonality, and alienation.

Who was studied at a distance during the 1940s in an attempt to predict the behavior of the political enemies of the United States?
Germans and Japanese

Methodological relativism does not preclude making moral judgments or taking action.

Which of the following illustrates some of the dangers of the old applied anthropology?
anthropologists aiding colonial expansion by providing ethnographic information to colonists

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